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Ravens fire offensive coordinator Cam Cameron

ImageWell it appears that a scapegoat has finally been found for the Ravens struggles lately, and that person is former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron. In a shocking move late in the season, Cameron was fired by the Ravens this morning ending his tenure in Baltimore. It is a move that is odd considering the timing and current solid position in the playoff hunt.

Now I normally try to choose my words carefully, and give the Ravens front office the benefit of the doubt in almost every situation, but today that changes. They are one of the best run organizations in the entire league, but if they think that Cam Cameron was the root of their problems recently I beg to differ.

Cam Cameron doesn’t get beat like a drum every week like Michael Oher does, causing us to lose two games essentially like he has the past 2 weeks letting a defensive end blow right by him and “Blind Side” Flacco. Cam Cameron doesn’t have anything to do with half of our starting defense on the sideline with injuries, including 3 ALL Pro’s in Webb, Lewis and Suggs. Cam Cameron doesn’t make Torry Smith lose his ball skills over the past 3 weeks and drop every deep pass that is dropped right in his hands negating game changing plays. And last of all, Cam Cameron isn’t the hard head that refuses to go back to the Oline combination that should have taken us to the Super Bowl in 2011, because he doesn’t personally like a player on our roster.

Cam Cameron is the least of this team’s problems right now, but I guess when the root of the problem is ignored someone needs to get the blame. I think it is a classless move by the front office, and honestly don’t know how Cam is responsible for the Ravens current woes. Could the play calling be better? Of course.  Could we give the ball to Ray Rice a little more? Sure could. But can anyone honestly say that if we had a different offensive coordinator we win the last 2 weeks? Does Jim Caldwell  or a different offensive coordinator teach Michael Oher how to block, Torrey Smith how to catch the deep ball, magically heal all our defensive stars who are hurt, or make the decision to put the best five offensive lineman on the field?

Look no one is perfect and Cam sure has his flaws, but this team right now has many more. Obviously “you can’t fire the players” as they say, but until the performance and injury situation improves on the field this team is still going to struggle. With the salary cap in the NFL you simply can’t afford to have multiple stars sitting on the sideline and still be effective, the depth just isn’t there. On offense until Head Coach John Harbaugh realizes he is going to have to swallow his oft hurt pride and put Bryant McKinnie back in the lineup, the offensive line is going to suck and breakdowns are going to cause drives to stall, or strip sacks to happen costing us wins.

I just hope with this major change in coaching, that a few players are held accountable on the offensive side of the ball as well. With an apparent serious injury to Marshal Yanda John Harbaugh may not have a choice in the matter anymore, which may be a good thing because he has made the wrong choice since training camp by keeping this terrible offensive line intact, while a 6’8 330lb former Pro Bowl tackle (who excels at pass blocking!)rots on the bench for no apparent reason.

Maybe that is Cam Cameron’s fault too.

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